Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Black History Month: All Because Of The Bible

The bible supports slavery. See pics/verses below [from Exodus 21 and Colossians].
Most KKK [Ku Klux Klan] are/were "outstanding" church members.

What lame excuses are there to excuse slavery? "Christian" dishonesty and the worship/idolatry of the bible justify the bible. Why? Who? Very few Black slaves, if not programmed by Whites would agree. A Black Theology runs counter an academic European theology.

But, tell me - no show me - how does one "love your neighbour" while enslaving, beating, raping, etc. It continues in places like Mississippi where Blacks and Whites are still separated. And merely look at the prison system: 80% Blacks. Why? Hmmm.When one black woman gets "life" for an $11 crime...hmmmm....wonder why.

The system of apartheid was "founded" and kept alive by "good" church goers. [The Africaners are "Christians"]. And these same people who murdered Blacks and threw Nelson Mandela into jail, pretend "it's all good". Just look who went to his funeral! - all the "great" leaders - who [more so their country] supported the Afrikaners and aided them in finding and arresting Mandela! And of course we can't forget the wonderful work of. the NSA [National Security Agency] which led the police to Mandela.

Ah, the lies told to us.
Ah, the lies we easily believe.
Ah, the blind trust in authorities.
Ah, the utter distrust of experience and the experience of the poor, oppressed, ...including the nonhuman world.

Didn't Jesus say, "He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the release the oppressed...." Luke 4. And this can not be "spiritualized" as some do. So either invalidate his words or change the meaning - all to keep the status quo going - protect the minority at the expense of the majority.

Shame that such racism still exists and we deny the past reality and continue. See here for more.

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