Sunday, 13 December 2015

Religion Fails The Test: Love Thy Neighbour

Jesus and many religious types tell us to love our neighbours. But I ask:
  • How do we if we drive to our "place of worship"? We pollute and hurt our neighbour. Meanwhile we justify or just don't think about the damage we do. But aren't we to please the Creator in all we do? How go and sing hymns of praise while destroying what the Creator has made?
  • How do we if we support the bombing of Syria or other places? Civilians, and all of creation are burned, maimed, killed. And for whom, what, and why? Lockheed Martin loves the thought of war.
  • How do we if we don't let refugees come to our country? [Over 20 States in the U.S. refuse to allow any in now]. The refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria,... are fleeing a war-torn countries. And who dropped the bombs? Who murdered innocent people? The "West" did - and continues to.
  • How do we if don't make changes in how we live? Many religious folks - or those "beyond religion" are hypocrites.  It's amazing how people go to Climate Change talks, protests, etc. but won't give up their self-indulgent death-stlye. They still drive, fly, live the life. Is there a difference between the self-righteous Quaker and the Fundamentalist? They both proclaim they are right and yet do not love: Meanwhile, almost 2.5 billion either don't have food or are undernourished. Climate change plays a part in this - as does unfair distribution of wealth!
  • How do we if we have a cottage, second home, big house? While most of the world struggles to find shelter, many in Canada have cottages. Driving [polluting, contributing to climate change and to Wars], such people don't share with those who are poor. If they are really "good people" as they reassure them-selves that they are, why don't they ask how they can have/consume so much while others have so little? They separate justice/equality in the world from the real-it-y of their own self-indulgent and greedy life-style. Hmmm.
  • How do we if we invest in corporations that harm the air, water, land, people, animals...Perhaps the question is how do we invest in corporations at all? Doesn't the Bible say you cannot love God and money? Extraction of resources for "growth" is not "green" no matter how you put it. The consequences are more death. Making solar panels, for example, require rare earth elements. They will run out.
  • How do we if we support Big Ag [Agriculture]? Our neighbours, like pigs, cows, chickens, etc. are caged, imprisoned and tortured so we can have cheap food...or a few can have large profits. Feed lots along with mass numbers of maltreated animals use most of the water that is left on the earth. The manure pollutes water ways - as does runoff of pesticides. How many don't even have an idea of this when they buy meat in a grocery chain?
These are just a few areas we need to closely examine to determine if we really are loving. The New Testament says that if we do not love our brother whom we can see, we cannot love God whom we cannot see. Let our lives and our nations' policies show our brothers and sisters [all of nature] our love by our act-i-ons. See for more ideas on how to love/live right.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

"God Loves Fags" Says The Homophobic's Poster.

Actually it said "God Hates Fags". And his mouth said it's abominable to God. And he quotes Leviticus.

Hm. "interesting".

This is what I call PAC Theology: Pick And Choose Theology.

He takes one verse totally out of context: linguistic, cultural, religious, political....
Lots of fun! 

Sadly, this is far too common...especially religious 'folk'. But it's found in anyone that wants to use another "source" to support whatever views they have.Even Michael Moore is know for doing this. Bad boy Mikey! And it's "more fun" when they force their ideology onto us. It is frightening how much damage this dose.

To deal with that verse even superficially reveals that the term "abominable"  is used to refer to ritual purity. And there are many rules in the Jewish Scriptures. If we are to take the bible literally, then we better not even wear clothing made of 2 materials! [Lev. 19:19]. Likewise, we better not plant 2 different seeds in a field.

Of course people will ignore these verses...explaining them away by referring to context etc. Yet with the 'gay issue', they throw their brains out the door and relish in dogmatism and pomposity.

"If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death....If a man lies with a woman during her period...both of them must be cut off from their people..." Lev.20

When will people stop ignoring such verses that are just below the "key" verse.

And of course we better ignore Christ's command to sell all and give to the poor, if one wants to be a follower. Interesting that he spent his time condemning the established order, religion, social relations...And he befriended the outcasts...and was out-casted to the point of death.

The church began as a group of outcasts. They were disdained and disregarded for the poverty. And they did things like share all they had...which did attract others. How different the church is today - especially the homophobic.

 Something isn't quite right:

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Poor Suffer Most From Environmental Injury

It is the poor and working people who are most burdened by environment injury. They host the toxic dumps and incinerators and sewage plants, work in factory fumes, pay for the bottled water they can't afford, and suffer in stifling city apartments when public beaches are closed. 

Meanwhile, the wealthy can cut and run - they enrich themselves by polluting our rivers or falling our ancient timber, and then fly off to some private paradise behind a guarded driveway. 

The rest of humanity is left with contaminated and denuded landscapes. 

Astonishingly, the church, especially evangelical and fundamentalists branches, condone the above - ignoring the greatest command to love thy neighbour [and care for God's creation - which includes humans]. They proclaim wealth is fine as long as you "share". Odd that Jesus says to sell all and give to the poor to follow him...And James condemns the wealthy for their wealth and for not paying their's called greed. But it's "okay" to have a BMW, a big house, a cottage, etc. as long as you "share". Right! Let's see them really share their goods. Once again the gospel's demands are watered down - sell-able. 

At least the Pope is calling for sacrifice and change in the lives of the rich. He notes that climate change is because of human impact [of especially the rich] and, therefore, rich humans must change NOW. Let's see act-i-on now. Let's see this preached/lived from the pulpits of the church, state, factory, schools...

Above quote from The Green Bible: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. "The River Keepers"


Monday, 27 April 2015

"'Christians' Are The Most Dishonest People In The World..."

Like the photo, Jesus' demands are an inversion of "worldly" values:

[By "Christian" I am referring to the" non-progressive" 'type'...ranging from nominal to evangelical to fundamentalist but primarily the latter ]
How do people who say the bible is the word of God and must be believed and obeyed, and, yet, continuously ignore the very tenets of their faith? Well, let’s see. Jesus told his followers to “love thy neighbor”. Hmm. So show me some “Christians” who do this – in their LIVES. The last part is key: a person’s life is about how they LIVE. Living means how they get around, what food they eat, their jobs, their investments, their words, how they treat others [including non-humans] – to name a few things. So let’s look at how North American middle class “Christians” shape up.

I have yet to see a “Christian” who doesn’t drive, if given a choice. So they pollute the air/land/water/soil… – which are God’s  - according to Lev. 25 “the land is mine”….Oh, oh…here come the excuses. It’s great to talk about the “benefits” of being a Christian but run from the demands. Ironically Jesus said “you must repent and believe”. That means one must change from doing harm and wrong…and do good…to be a Christian. It’s not about dogma but DO-ing right.

“Christians” murder by driving! The invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan and many more places was for oil and hegemony. This wiped out MILLIONS of people and more nonhumans. The Land was/is devastated. Is this respect/love of God’s creation and neighbor?

Lying to justify the church’s interpretation/ignoring of the bible never ends. Whenever Jesus talks about the poor…the church ignores and talks about how God loves everyone…that is, those sitting in the pews.

The bible says you can’t love God if you don’t love [feed] your neighbor whom you can see. A few set up food banks and offer dinners to the poor. But the rest don’t do a thing. Instead, they get the latest phone, go on vacation [flying: polluting to no end]…while the poor don’t have even the scraps thrown in the garbage. Shame.

“Christians” lie about abortion, evolution, wealth,…While Jesus says that one must sell all and give to the poor to be a believer, the church lies and says “as long as you give us your money, God loves you”. Not Jesus’ words but the church’s! And while the bible constantly says God is on the side of the poor and hears the cries of the labourer, the church ignores both. In fact, any talk of wealth leads to the same lame lie “as long as you share”. My neighbor who has a newly renovated, insulated, heated garage bigger than most peoples’ homes, filled with another home [one on wheels], a boat, workshop…claims he shares. Huh? It’s empty except for his possession. Love thy neighbor! He goes on his missions…and makes this well known! But he comes back to his mansion. Love or greed? And, of course, the church says nothing. Well they do say, “good job man of faith”. 

Ironically, the bible writer, James, says that faith without works is dead. Dead! How can you misinterpret this? Guess what? “Christians” do….Showing neither good works nor faith…but more lies to justify their materialism, greed and selfishness. Love? Lies!