Monday, 27 April 2015

"'Christians' Are The Most Dishonest People In The World..."

Like the photo, Jesus' demands are an inversion of "worldly" values:

[By "Christian" I am referring to the" non-progressive" 'type'...ranging from nominal to evangelical to fundamentalist but primarily the latter ]
How do people who say the bible is the word of God and must be believed and obeyed, and, yet, continuously ignore the very tenets of their faith? Well, let’s see. Jesus told his followers to “love thy neighbor”. Hmm. So show me some “Christians” who do this – in their LIVES. The last part is key: a person’s life is about how they LIVE. Living means how they get around, what food they eat, their jobs, their investments, their words, how they treat others [including non-humans] – to name a few things. So let’s look at how North American middle class “Christians” shape up.

I have yet to see a “Christian” who doesn’t drive, if given a choice. So they pollute the air/land/water/soil… – which are God’s  - according to Lev. 25 “the land is mine”….Oh, oh…here come the excuses. It’s great to talk about the “benefits” of being a Christian but run from the demands. Ironically Jesus said “you must repent and believe”. That means one must change from doing harm and wrong…and do good…to be a Christian. It’s not about dogma but DO-ing right.

“Christians” murder by driving! The invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan and many more places was for oil and hegemony. This wiped out MILLIONS of people and more nonhumans. The Land was/is devastated. Is this respect/love of God’s creation and neighbor?

Lying to justify the church’s interpretation/ignoring of the bible never ends. Whenever Jesus talks about the poor…the church ignores and talks about how God loves everyone…that is, those sitting in the pews.

The bible says you can’t love God if you don’t love [feed] your neighbor whom you can see. A few set up food banks and offer dinners to the poor. But the rest don’t do a thing. Instead, they get the latest phone, go on vacation [flying: polluting to no end]…while the poor don’t have even the scraps thrown in the garbage. Shame.

“Christians” lie about abortion, evolution, wealth,…While Jesus says that one must sell all and give to the poor to be a believer, the church lies and says “as long as you give us your money, God loves you”. Not Jesus’ words but the church’s! And while the bible constantly says God is on the side of the poor and hears the cries of the labourer, the church ignores both. In fact, any talk of wealth leads to the same lame lie “as long as you share”. My neighbor who has a newly renovated, insulated, heated garage bigger than most peoples’ homes, filled with another home [one on wheels], a boat, workshop…claims he shares. Huh? It’s empty except for his possession. Love thy neighbor! He goes on his missions…and makes this well known! But he comes back to his mansion. Love or greed? And, of course, the church says nothing. Well they do say, “good job man of faith”. 

Ironically, the bible writer, James, says that faith without works is dead. Dead! How can you misinterpret this? Guess what? “Christians” do….Showing neither good works nor faith…but more lies to justify their materialism, greed and selfishness. Love? Lies!

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