Wednesday, 29 July 2015

"God Loves Fags" Says The Homophobic's Poster.

Actually it said "God Hates Fags". And his mouth said it's abominable to God. And he quotes Leviticus.

Hm. "interesting".

This is what I call PAC Theology: Pick And Choose Theology.

He takes one verse totally out of context: linguistic, cultural, religious, political....
Lots of fun! 

Sadly, this is far too common...especially religious 'folk'. But it's found in anyone that wants to use another "source" to support whatever views they have.Even Michael Moore is know for doing this. Bad boy Mikey! And it's "more fun" when they force their ideology onto us. It is frightening how much damage this dose.

To deal with that verse even superficially reveals that the term "abominable"  is used to refer to ritual purity. And there are many rules in the Jewish Scriptures. If we are to take the bible literally, then we better not even wear clothing made of 2 materials! [Lev. 19:19]. Likewise, we better not plant 2 different seeds in a field.

Of course people will ignore these verses...explaining them away by referring to context etc. Yet with the 'gay issue', they throw their brains out the door and relish in dogmatism and pomposity.

"If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death....If a man lies with a woman during her period...both of them must be cut off from their people..." Lev.20

When will people stop ignoring such verses that are just below the "key" verse.

And of course we better ignore Christ's command to sell all and give to the poor, if one wants to be a follower. Interesting that he spent his time condemning the established order, religion, social relations...And he befriended the outcasts...and was out-casted to the point of death.

The church began as a group of outcasts. They were disdained and disregarded for the poverty. And they did things like share all they had...which did attract others. How different the church is today - especially the homophobic.

 Something isn't quite right:

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