Monday, 10 November 2014

Are Christians Loving Their Neighbours By Invading Them?

When will "Christians" take Jesus' words "to love your neighbour as yourself" seriously. Was the bombing in Iraq an act of love...or greed. Clearly the reason for the invasion was to get control of the second largest oil reserve in the world, keep the U.S. dollar as the currency used for oil purchases and to have a presence in the Middle East.

While supporting Al Qaeda in the past, and also supporting Saddam during the Iraq-Iran "war", the U.S. creates powers that do much harm. And now Obama and Harper are escalating the attacks on ISIS. ISIS was created by the earlier invasion of Iraq.

Remembrance Day was to be about "the war that ended all wars" Obama deploys more troops now!
And what do Christians do to protect the people/land? Shame. Listen to this war vet in his last days and to what he has to say about the lies, greed, the SIN that WE allow/cause...and the sin of the church...

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