Monday, 22 May 2017

Dirty Girl: Purity Cults "Exposed"!

It is amazing that some still think sex is dirty...oh, I mean unless in marriage. So how is it that suddenly it becomes "holy" or acceptable. What is the logic here? There is not any logic here - it is dogma taught by religions, parents, nations that want to control. Sex is very power-ful and fills the controlling with fear.

So how can it be "wrong" to show love? Most religions say to love one an-other. Hmmm. So it's ok to tease, go "so far" etc. = torture. But it is wrong to give your-self to another? Hmm.

Of course, we need discretion. With all the date rape [about 4/10 girls in Canadian universities experience some form of sexual abuse or rape], precautions need to be taken [like putting chastity belts on men]. This huge topic can't be explored now. So in a loving  relationship, how can it be wrong to show love through touch?

Some may cite a few - yes - only a few exist - passages in the New Testament. Of course the verses will be taken out of context - to support the doctrine. But once again, most of issues like culture, language, history, power, etc. will be ignored. The entire bible will be dismissed in favour of a few verses.Good ole PAC theology [Pick and Choose].

Let's look at most of the "great" men of the bible. Certainly having more than one wife and as many concubines [unmarried baby machines] was the goal. Why? This showed wealth and power. Women had no rights and men most often were disgusted to even have sex - such as St. Augustine. Regardless, having sex was not some moral sin like some extremists say today.

So to stay pure, you don't have premarital sex. So if you don't exercise, smoke, eat crap food, polluting your body, you are still "pure"?

So you drive and pollute the air but you are still pure?

So you bomb Iraq and kill 2000000000 for oil and for hegemonic reasons and you are still pure?

James says "true and pure religion is controlling  your tongue and caring for the poor and widows". Nothing about sex - but about giving of one-self to help others.

Jesus stresses giving of one-self, sacrificing for one an-other. We are to die to ourselves daily. Yet the church diverts attention to things that will enforce the status quo. This diversion results in a legalistic destructive religion. Let's see the churches stress selling their possession to give to the poor [cf. Acts 2, 4]. And let's see religious people get on the bus, bike or feet and try to stop polluting their brothers'/sisters' air, land and water [actually God's land: Lev.25]!


  1. Why dirty? Sex is creat by God for his child. Everything that God create is good. But people make that bad. Sex was used to bear spiritual kids before sin came to world. Lol... Just to try the blog comment could be work

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  3. Luke 6:45 we should always reflect self before God.
    I appreciate that you said pure nothing about sex.

  4. Sex is for reproduction only. For making a child, nothing else. Condons and pills were created by humans as treatment for unwanted pregnancy. A massage is far better way to give yourself to another. No heat, no trembling, no pain, no harm to genialidad, no diseases, no visitante tve "ladies' doctor."