Monday, 7 August 2017

Super Easy Spirituality: Come Fly With Us!

Feigned spirit-u-ality
applied to any-thing
one desires
key word: desire

You can fly to California
to some "holy" mountain
and "erase" the pollution
by sending "positive" thoughts

And if somebody points out the contra-dict-i-on
you attack them for being negative
and mock them
and tell them how great and good you are

Masked greed and self-ish-ness
passed off as better, higher, holy
yet the act-i-on devours
the air, land, water

Some think conscious-ness
comes through revelation and suffering
evolving to DENY the self
and to serve the rest of Creation

Yet many others follow the mantra:
123 I can surpass real-i-t-y
I can fly above the masses
I am invincible

Yet the poor may differ in their perspective
1000000000 without food DAILY
Their land, air, water ripped up
So you can fly

Be-come a shaman or goddess
a few QUICK easy steps
you have reached en-light-en-ment!
yet your eyes are blind to the suffering

You cause
you justify
you lie to your-self
and all of creation

Peace be with you
you are [a] god or goddess
you are shame-full
you need to repent

You need to listen
to the cry of creation 

You need to suffer
to learn com-passion [feel with]
to give up privilege 
to give up ego

Buddha, Jesus, Micah
tell us to deny our self-ish desires
to put the other [and Creation] first
to fly above desire

Then perhaps we can be spiritual
then we will be living truth
then we will not lie to our-selves
then we will stop murdering

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