Monday, 12 February 2018

Jesus 4 Sale [limited time offer or it's off to hell you go, bitch]

Cool church service
A band on stage
A young pastor
But no Jesus on stage

Church on insta
Flashy pics
Wow video
But Jesus got banned by the authorities

They didn't like his message
To sell all and give to the poor
Bad for capitalism
Sing praise to Jesus: consume Jesus...yum yum...

We'll 'water down' the message
It's easy 123
Just say you're sorry
Jesus sees through the platitudes

Feel the energy
Sway with us....

We're all so happy and 'gay'
Jesus said first you must repent: change. stop doing wrong...then you can believe.

We even accept 'the gays'
We love 'em all
No judgement [yet we will say it's wrong if you corner us]
Jesus says you will be judged by how you live/love [verb - not emotion]

We're not perfect
We might even hurt you
Only God won't
Ah, now we are not responsible to be/act loving-ly [Jesus demanded to be 'perfect']

Other churches have too many rules
"You shouldn't....."
We're just about acceptance
Jesus said you must sacrifice/die to your-self for others [no new iphone for billy :(]

We're just normal people
We are the status quo
No challenging [political/econonmic/justice/equality...] questions here
Jesus challenged the racism of the Jews, the power/wealth/lives of the religious/political leaders...

Jesus was just a normal dude
He would have an insta account now
Just like us...he wouldn't stand out...
Christ was assassinated because he represented the oppressed

We're so wishy washy about substantial matters of living
By NOT demanding change
We are supporting
The oppression of the earth, the poor, the land, the weak, the air...

Let's go for a drive
And listen to the sermon
Ah, feel the breeze
Meanwhile the Tar Sands and corporations [and war for oil] devour God's land

The consumeristic  message is clear:
Jesus is real cheap
Like a whore
You can take and take and take

We love the bible
[well....a few select verses: PAC theology: pick and choose]
Such a warm and fuzzy character Jesus was/is
Who was crucified for being an anarchist: a rebel against the state and powers that be

Treason all the way
The Romans were more honest about his threat
But let's just dance around
Singing praises to our peace-full lord and saviour. Amen.

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