Thursday, 1 February 2018

Spiritual/Religious Leaders Lead The People Astray

The spiritual woman follows
The spiritual 'master'
Taking absorbing every word
As 'gospel' truth

The religious follow the spiritual
Following some leaders who knows the secrets
They do not know
"Please share your in-sights with me"

Like children
The followers absolve them-selves
Of any responsibility
I will believe and obey

Dis-daining science
Disdaining questioning
Disdaining evidence
But I feel it is true

Placebos work because people believe
Even when they know they are placebos
It's about "faith"
Believe in the healer

Don't believe in your-self
Don't believe in real-it-y
Don't believe in ration-al 'thought'
Don't believe in questioning

Where/how/why do these leaders get their 'special-ness'?
It is beyond this world
It is out of reach
For a mere mortal like me

Help me
I will follow you
I will pay you
With money, my life, my attention, my mind, my body...

My soul...
Longs for the truth
But truth cannot be determined by intuition
Which is conditioned, projected, fabricated

"As for the prophets
Who lead my people astray,
If one feeds them,
They proclaim 'peace'" [Micah 3]

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